The Big Conversation

… with creators, doers, songsmiths, therapists, Earth lovers, spiritual teachers, changemakers, artists, writers, joy bringers and many other things hidden and visible. They all have a story to tell about living life differently, often against the grain, in a way that makes our world a better place. Join us for these fascinating conversations.

Whole Hearted Living

using our talents for a higher purpose and the surprising places this can take us.

Saturday 27th Aug 4pm main stage

Conversation with Ginger Gilmour, Jayanti Kirpalani, hosted by Wendy Marshall

The Superpower of a Still Mind

and the remarkable things it can do.

Sunday 28th Aug 4pm main stage

Conversation with Liz Edmunds and Jayanti Kirpalani, hosted by Manda Patel

Quantum Forgiveness

the switch that takes us from anguish to happiness

Monday 29th Aug 4pm main stage

Conversation with Camilla Carr and Jayanti Kirpalani, hosted by Lucinda Drayton


Jayanti Kirpalani

As an author, spiritual teacher and Peace Emissary Sister Jayanti addresses UN conferences, grass roots leaders and local gatherings. She shares her knowledge and initiates conversations on a peaceful, compassionate approach to leadership, community life and personal well-being. Having lived and trained with some of the world’s most remarkable yogis she has become known for her startling insights into living at peace with ourselves, each other and our environment despite all the complications of contemporary life.

Camilla Carr

Camilla exploration of forgiveness began after she was held captive with Jon James in Chechnya for nearly 15 months in 1997-8. Forgiveness was not a word they used in captivity but the way they survived was of a forgiving nature. After they were released they got involved with The Forgiveness Project that uses the real stories of victims and perpetrators to explore concepts of forgiveness, and to encourage people to consider alternatives to resentment, retaliation and revenge.

Lucinda Drayton

is a qualified counsellor and runs a small private practice as well as facilitating groups and workshops worldwide encouraging people to grow through music, creativity and spirituality. She is a gifted singer songwriter and after a pop career that included writing a no 1 hit In 1994, Lucinda went on a deep spiritual journey, learning the art of meditation and spiritual practice that has hugely influenced her life trajectory.

Ginger Gilmour

is an American sculptor, author and recipient of the the British Red Cross ‘Services to Humanity’ award. Her book, ‘Memoirs of the Bright Side of The Moon’ charts her creative and spiritual awakening during the early years of Pink Floyd while married to guitarist David Gilmour.

Liz Edmunds

founder of ‘Just this Day’ in 1982, an annual international day of Peace, with events around the globe – the day aims to encourage personal and political ceasefires and bring everyone together in celebration of peace. Liz is also a community activist, a lifelong meditator and extraordinary Grandma blogger.

Manda Patel

is an international speaker and spiritual teacher with a great knack for connecting with her audience and getting to the heart of what stops us from being free and reaching our potential. Manda co-ordinates the Global Retreat Centre and is part of the planning team for Peace in the Park.

Wendy Marshall

Sculptor, social entrepreneur, writer and Earl Grey tea lover. Wendy hails from the Republic of South Yorkshire, and unashamedly loves getting to the bottom of practically everything in a no nonsense language. Wendy also loves being part of the Peace in the Park Art Collective who embed art and engaging ideas wherever they can in all sorts of nooks and crannies of the festival.

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