Changemaker Hub

For the changemaker in all of us

As someone who loves great ideas and wants to make our world a better place you may face unique challenges – your optimism may at times wear thin, your creativity may stop working and your trust in other people’s good intentions may become jaded.

The Changemaker Hub has been developed to support the creativity, optimism and pure motivation of changemakers from all walks of life, so that we can enjoy being at our best and keep giving our best.

Who is it for? Its for creatives, social entrepreneurs, innovators, philanthropists, people of conscience – as well as the everyday changemaker in all of us as we go about our lives trying to make things better for the people around us. Its as much for those on the vanguard of moving society forward with new ideas, technologies, and solutions as it is for those of us trying to create better families, work places and communities.

30 minute sessions
talks from inspiring changemakers
plus interactive sessions to help you

  • keep your optimism flowing
  • Take your creativity to the next level
  • Create thoughts to help your work flourish

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