Feelgood Space

Envisioned and run by young people, created to generate and connect with our natural good feelings, this is a space in which to…

  • SHARE good feelings without inhibition
  • CREATE an atmosphere of honest conversation
  • NURTURE a feel good lifestyle
  • EXPRESS the beauty of good feelings through art

The feelgood space explores good feelings through a variety of unique sub-spaces:

Feelgood Heartspace

Expressions, movement and live performances to energise the spirit, connect through the language of feelings, unravel your authentic sparkle, and share good feelings with the world.

freedom from inhibition . love beyond barriers

Feelgood Headspace

A  relaxed, chillout zone for couch conversations to discuss and reflect on unusual, upbeat topics and brave new ideas in an atmosphere of honesty and openness.  

 think without limitation . discuss without hesitation

Feelgood Lifestyle

Unique workshops giving practical tips on how to nurture mind, body and soul from the inside-out, stay positive despite life’s challenges, and create feel good environments in everyday living.

 choose you . rise up to your power .  nothing is impossible

Feelgood Artspace

A space to make your mark on a canvas of words and images, with wonder cards that help you connect with the heart, appreciate the little things in life, get in touch with your inner child and express the beauty of good feelings. 

 reflect to create . express to inspire

Feelgood HeadSpace (pavilion no 7a)

Workshops to discuss life-changing ideas in a relaxed and open environment.

  • Emotional Resilience – Finding my Inner Rock with Reena Melwani & Matthew Earl – Sat
  • Self-Compassion: Positive Parenting for the Mind with Ramita Ahlawat & Sarah Eagger – Sat
  • Going Beyond Influence: Finding my Inner Compass with Romina Melwani & Nik Haddadi – Sat
  • From Fear to Freedom: Seeing Through the Illusion with Ramita Ahlawat & Anthony Phelips – Sat
  • Forgiveness – Embracing our Imperfections with Gaby Harvard & Romina Melwani – Sun
  • From Fear to Freedom: Seeing Through the Illusion with Ramita Ahlawat & Ash Patel – Sun
  • Emotional Dependencies: How to go from Wanting to Loving with Matthew Earl & Ramita Ahlawat – Sun
  • Self-Compassion: Positive Parenting for the Mind with Nik Haddadi & Navin Mayani – Sun
  • Brave to be Vulnerable: Allowing the Masks to Drop with Ramita Ahlawat & Manda Patel – Mon
  • Emotional Resilience: Finding my Inner Rock with Ash Patel & Romina Melwani – Mon
  • Going Beyond Influence: Finding my Inner Compass with Ramita Ahlawat & Matthew Earl – Mon
  • Emotional Dependencies: How to go from Wanting to Loving with Karishma Patel & Minal Patel – Mon

Feelgood HeartSpace (pavilion no 7b)

Dance workshops, Pocket Rave and DJ sets

  • Laughter Yoga on Saturday at 11am with Jigisha and Hitesh Ramji.
  • Half hour Pocket Rave by DJ’s Nik Haddadia and Navin Mayani – 11.45am, 1pm, 2.15pm
  • Workshop – Jump-Start the Heart: Compassionate Listening at 2.45pm each day with Masana De Souza.
  • Workshop -Fantasy to Reality: Bring out your Inner Storyteller 1.30pm Sun with Davina Lloyd & Minal Patel.
  • Soul Power: Movement from the Inside Out at 12.15pm on Sunday with Emilia Casarin
  • Soul Shine Dance Workshop at 12.15am on Saturday & Monday, 11am on Sunday with Vicky Rainbow

Feelgood Lifestyle (pavilion no 7c)

Sessions for nurturing mind, body and soul to help stay positive despite life’s challenges. Plus how to create feelgood environments around you, wherever you are. With internet vegan clean food cook, Beatrice Mudadu and food creative, Isabelle Gauthier.

  • Tummy Well-Being: A Diet for Lightness – Saturday and Sunday 11am and Monday 12.15pm
  • Decoding Food Cravings: Mind over Matter – Saturday and Monday 12.15pm and Sunday 1.30pm
  • Healthy Pick-Me-Ups: Self Care When Feeling Low – Saturday 2.45pm – Sunday 12.15pm – Mon 1.30pm
  • Detox your Body, Nourish your Soul – Saturday 4pm and Sunday – Monday 2.45pm
  • Living With High Energy: A Green Feast Of Sprouts – Sunday and Monday at 4pm
  • Creative Kitchen: Tasty Tofu for Protein Power – Saturday at 1.30pm

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