Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book

You can book here on the website or email or phone. All events are free of charge.

Are the events the same on each day?

Yes .. and no!

Each day there is pretty much the same rich blend of activities within the park. The festival grows each year and in 2016 there will be  more than ever before to see and take part in.    For that reason many people book for more than one day so they can enjoy all the events on offer.

What are the timings?

Festival times, grounds open
Saturday, Sunday, Monday
10.30am to 7.00pm

Who are the Brahma Kumaris?

We are a charity that teaches Raja Yoga free of charge around the UK – which is essentially a light and easy way to train the mind to think positively and peacefully.  This includes meditation, positive thinking, self esteem building, stress free living, overcoming anger and a whole spectrum of talks, seminars and retreats to inspire, enlighten and uplift.

Across the UK we work with national and local organisations and community groups in such areas as the environment, ethical leadership, prison outreach, youth programmes, social work and women’s and men’s groups. BKWSU (UK) was established as a charity in 1975 and is run entirely on voluntary contributions.

The University is part of a worldwide network of over 8,500 centres in more than 100 countries, the first of which was founded in India in the 1930s.

To find out more about The Global Retreat Centre visit

And to find out about the Brahma Kumaris in the world visit our International website

Food and Drink

Why no picnics?

This is a non-commercial event, but we have found that the only way to keep the festival alcohol & meat free is to ask everyone not to bring picnics into the grounds.

However we will be serving  hot drinks, Nuneham water & biscuits without charge, so please come along to our ‘Tea under the Trees’ pavilion. There will also be a better range of food vendors this year, all selling simple and inexpensive vegetarian fayre – and in keeping with the spirit of the place all food is prepared without harm to animals and with sustainable living in mind.

Please don’t bring food or drinks into the chapel, main house or event pavilions.

Access for the disabled and less able

Please be aware that the park does have one or two steep slopes and some uneven terrain. Much of the walking will be on short-mown grass. Those who find it difficult or tiring to walk on these kind of surfaces should allow themselves plenty of time between the further spaced venues – although there is always something else happening within 50m or 60m.

If you want to attend events that are either at the bottom or top of the steeper slopes, a bit of ‘local knowledge’ is required. Just ask one of the festival helpers the best way to it.

We have parking available for Blue Badge holders. This will be signpoted soon after your entry into the Park. There will be parking volunteers to direct you, as well.

A wheel-chair accessible toilet is available adjacent to the festival toilet facilities, not far from the disabled car park and tea area.

If you join a house tour, a lift is available for standard size self-propelled wheel-chairs. If you use a motorized or larger style wheel-chair, then we would ask you to contact the Centre before you come so that we can do what we can to accommodate your needs.

We are committed to making Peace in the Park as accessible as possible and much of our learning as to how we can achieve this will come from your feedback, so we really welcome your comments.

No smoking or alcohol

‘Peace In the Park’ is a smoke and alcohol free event.


We’re sorry we can’t offer accommodation for Festival goers  but there are some pretty good campsites, hotels and B&B’s close by.

We’ve compiled a list of of local accommodation here but obviously we can’t verify them, so please be sure to check if the services and prices are suitable for you.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no animals are allowed on site – except guide dogs.

Can I take pictures/use my video recorder?

Of course, by all means snap away to your hearts content for your personal use.

Is there anywhere safe to leave the kids?

We don’t provide crèche facilities.

There’s even more activities for kids this year, with making things, games, Fairytale Theatre and relaxation space but you will need to accompany children in your care all the time.

Can we bring our own chairs?

You can bring chairs, blankets of various colours and sizes. As comfy as you like!

Lost and Found

The ‘lost and found’ point can be found at the Information tent.

If you find something, please hand it in and we will endeavour to reunite these items with their owner.

If you lose any valuables and they have not been handed in to the Information Tent, there is still a chance they may be recovered during the festival clear up operation. If you ring the Retreat Centre between 1pm and 6pm they will be able to answer your ‘lost and found’ question.

Medical welfare

First Aid is available on site each day of the festival. Please contact the Information Tent if you need their help, in case of emergencies, contact the nearest festival helper (recognisable by their lime green T-shirt).

Filming of the festival

Peace in the Park will have a film crew on site for the full weekend and has the right to film the event including the public for subsequent international television, radio, online and mobile distribution and the use of screen and television footage for promotional purposes.

You might be asked for a short impromtu interview by our film crew because we would love to hear your comments. If you would rather not, that’s fine too!

Should someone invite you to respond to some questions on camera, we would love to hear your comments. If you would rather not, that’s fine too!

Where will the disabled toilets be?

A wheel-chair accessible toilet is available adjacent to the festival toilet facilities, not far from the disabled car park and tea area.

Is there drinking water on site?

There will be free, clean drinking water at strategic points about the site so please bring a container that you can refill. It’s drawn from our own well.

What about all the rubbish?

We ask you very kindly to respect the land, the festival site and your fellow guests by putting any rubbish in the bins provided.

In the food and tea areas there bins are labelled for recycling . Please help us by putting your waste in the right bin – we care about protecting the environment and our precious natural resources and need all the help we can get to keep the event as sustainable as possible.

Is Peace In the Park suitable for the elderly?

Yes, but please be aware that this is a big place and there is quite a bit of walking involved, so those who find it hard to walk long distances would do best to set themselves up in a nice well-placed spot to take advantage of the park and all that’s taking place on the day.

How can I cancel my ticket

If you would like to cancel your ticket please goto this link and enter your email address to retrieve your ticket, then select the ticket and click the cancel button

How can i re-download my ticket so i can print it out

If you would like to retrieve your ticket please goto this link and enter your email address to retrieve your ticket.

You will then be displayed a list of all the tickets associated with that email address, simply click the "Download Ticket" link to download the ticket. The ticket is in a PDF format.

If you would like to ask further questions please click here Please click here to read the ‘small print’

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