Life Changers

Essential wisdom that will revolutionise your life … distilled down to 30 minutes seminars.

Stress Busters with Jasmine Carter

Don’t we all feel the pressures of life from time to time? This Life Changer unveils some of the illusions about stress so that we can understand the message that stress is trying to tell us. When we understand the message, we are free to can enjoy our lives in a much more satisfying way.

Jasmine Carter lived in the far East for many years and worked as an air hostess before embarking on a spiritual path of contemplation and meditation to understand the mysteries of the mind first hand. She puts kindness and open heartedness at the forefront of her practice.

Overcoming Anger with John McConnel

This seminar aims to explore the different forms of anger and what lies beneath them, so that we can learn to break free from negative feelings and experience our most natural state of being: peace.

John McConnel is a stress management trainer and former prison governor who is passionate about helping people to improve the quality of their lives and change the world for the better.

Being Positive with Jagruti Patel & Manoj Dayalji

We are often oblivious to the thoughts we are lugging around all day long – and yet it’s those very thoughts that are influencing our moods, our relationships and the way things turn out. This Life Changer will show you how to stop, take stock of what’s going on in your mind and create new attitudes that will revolutionise your life.

Jagruti Patel lives a busy life working in banking and has been a meditator since age 7. A natural entertainer, she loves contributing to her community through theatre, panto and teaching meditation and positive thinking. Jagruti is full of both wisdom and laughter.

Emotional Freedom with Nina Buchanan

Discover how to return to your innate state of freedom by learning how to exorcise unwanted negative emotions. Feelings of hurt, pain, anger, fear and jealousy all imprison us in our own unhappiness and snatch away our freedom.

Having started her career in the corporate world, Nina Buchanan now works as a Family Conference Co-ordinator, and workshop facilitator, empowering families to truly connect and work together harmoniously.

Conflict Resolution with Aruna Ladva

What comes out when life squeezes you? If it’s anything unpleasant, come and join Aruna Ladva as she shares tried and tested techniques for resolving conflict.

Aruna Ladva is a meditation teacher, author and a certified Negotiator in Conflict Resolution. She has helped to establish meditation centres in Vancouver, Canada, Istanbul, Turkey, Manama, Bahrain and Kuwait City.

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