Meditation Pavilions

  • Atmospheric spaces on the lawns overlooking the River Thames…with live reflections to relax and enlighten

Meditation Lounge

Visit the outdoor ‘Meditation Lounge’ – a place where you can gaze at an amazing view in an up-beat space with comfy chairs, and enjoy blue sky thinking about your love for the world, the peace at the heart of your being and other amazingly lovely things…

Big Love pavilion

Have you ever wondered what its like to enter an expereince of love for all humanity? The feeling of universal love is is not just for mystics and saints but something we can all have access to – this a group mediation with an inspiring commentary that will take you on a journey to an expansive feeling of love.

Meditations for experiencing a Higher Power

Through the ages, people have tapped into remarkable experiences that transcend religion. Whatever you believe, this is an experience open to anyone. All you need is an open mind….

Learn Raja Yoga mediation in 45 mins

Go beyond the chattering mind to the calm, creative heart of your being. This is an interactive and engaging talk with a series of short guided meditations to ease you gently and enjoyably into the feeling of a still, peaceful mind.

Meditation for the World

You don’t need to know how to meditate to enjoy the incredible atmosphere when thousands of people come into harmony by thinking about peace for our world. With beautiful music and inspiring words, its easy to feel lifted into a higher consciousness. Not only does this take everyone present into a powerful experience but it enables vibrations of peace to ripple far and wide to wherever its needed.

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