Meet the Creative

Where do great ideas come from? Is the creative process a struggle or a breeze? What about finding your way out of a creative block and back into the creative zone? Find out the secrets of a creative life from authors, innovators, choreographers, painters, sculptors, bloggers, songsmiths, musicians and others.

Saturdays creatives are

  • 12pm Joachim Golo Pilz, Green technology innovator
  • 1pm Ginger Gilmour, sculptor and painter
  • 2pm Cécile Boucharel, artist
  • 3pm Kathy Dutton, painter and illustrator
  • 4pm Mike George, author

Sunday’s creatives are

  • 12pm Mike George, author interviewed by Lucinda Drayton
  • 1pm Jonathan Hugh, musician and composer
  • 2pm Pearl Jordan, choreographer
  • 3pm Lucinda Drayton, singer-songwriter
  • 4pm Matthew Stephenson, musician and songwriter
  • 5pm Neville Hodgkinson, author and journalist

Monday’s creatives are

  • 12pm Jaymini Patel, not for profit publisher
  • 1pm Minal Patel, actor
  • 2pm Gayatri Naraine, author and delegate to UN
  • 3pm Marcus Cliffe, musician and film-maker
  • 4pm Simon Ralph, author

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