The Imagine Glade

a place for blue sky thinking about the life of our dreams and the world of our dreams. Have a go at painting, writing and wild imaginings.

A place to stretch you imagination into beautiful futures, with…

Big Blue Sky Thinking

workshops – using intuitive writing to listen to the call of your own future and the future of our planet.
with Sonja Ohlsson, Denmark. Sonja is a farmers daughter and a nurse from the countryside in south Sweden. Grounded and practical, but always dreaming and working for a beautiful world of harmony for everybody. She is a tireless environmental advocate and prison meditation teacher.

Love the Earth Revolution Meditations

meditations to give love to the earth and to your plants and crops (watch them flourish) with Joanne Kitto, Joanna lives in the Isle of Man and seeks to cultivate a gentle respect for nature and the environment in her everyday life. She loves to frequent footpaths and talk with trees. A traveller at heart, Joanna has always been fascinated by the inner journey and the constant learning it brings. Joanna thrives on working with others in the community to develop events and retreats facilitating spiritual exploration and well-being. of Man. Some session by Sonja Ohlsson

Let the Colour do the Thinking

take a dip in stillness of mind and see how easy abstract colour making can be – no art skills needed, this is a very free, intuitive process. Georgina Valentine, Sheffield. Georgina is a painter, illustrator, print maker, broadcaster and meditator. Georgina works at the heart of communities running workshops and programmes to help people move forward in their life.

Imaginator Mediations

to help transition to a better world with Brigitte Fohanno lives and works at Global Retreat Centre as part of the in-house community that keeps this exceptional place and its events running with an incredible amount of love. Brigitte is a Meditation teacher and humanitarian who puts compassion and kindness at the forefront of her practice. Also sessions by Joanna Kitto and Sonja Ohlsson.

The Creative Zone

how to take your creativity to a higher level (Sunday only)
with Wendy Marshall, Sculptor, social entrepreneur, writer and Earl Grey tea lover. Wendy hails from the Republic of South Yorkshire, and unashamedly loves getting to the bottom of practically everything in a no nonsense language. Wendy also loves being part of the Peace in the Park Art Collective who embed art and engaging ideas wherever they can in all sorts of nooks and crannies of the festival.

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