What We’re About

Why we put on a festival and don’t charge you a bean?

Even though its free, this is a very high quality festival, created as a labour of love with authors, artists, musicians and speakers who really care about contributing to a world of our dreams. Last year 10,000 people attended Peace in the Park and all costs were covered by donations from festival goers and volunteers. We are incredibly proud of that. We are a charity and never, ever charge for any of our events so that what we offer is available to all. The Retreat Centre is an historical building set in stunning grounds, lovingly tended by volunteers and funded by the generosity of many thousands who visit from around the world each year.

Would you like to help?

We really welcome your donations to make this special event possible so that many more people can experience peace for a weekend and believe in the dream that peace is possible for our world. Your contributions will help support this beautiful, fun and thought provoking event for all the family. Look out for our whimsical donation boxes nestling under trees and other interesting places – or donate by text, cheque or bank transfer via this link

Food & picnics

We love serving tea & biscuits without charge, so please come along to our ‘Tea under the Trees’ pavilion and enjoy sipping our complementary drinks and hand made snacks. This is a non-commercial event, but we have found that the only way to keep the festival alcohol & meat free is to ask everyone not to bring picnics into the grounds. However we will have food vendors selling reasonably priced vegetarian food – and in keeping with the spirit of the place all food is prepared without harm to animals and with sustainable living in mind.

The team

Our volunteers come from all around the UK – all of them with a passion to make our world a more peaceful place, starting with themselves! As a team we work together throughout the year to cook up new ideas and listen to your suggestions for improvements. Working with 300 remarkable people, brimming with ideas and positive energy is an amazing experience for all of us and helps create such a fabulous atmosphere.

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